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                油煙凈化器 特點:









                Characteristics of lampblack purifier:
                1、 The utility model eliminates the low purification efficiency and leads to secondary pollution, and the cleaning cycle is frequent. The utility model can effectively achieve smokeless effect of oil fume purification.
                2、 Adopt the most efficient high-voltage electrostatic fume adsorption mode in the same industry to achieve the purpose of purifying fume, use high-quality aviation aluminum materials and strict electric field technology and requirements, and effectively ionize the foreign fume particles and then discharge them through the adsorption area, so as to prevent secondary pollution.
                3、 Arc suppression shall be adopted to prevent the spark caused by the collision when the oil fume with unknown substance passing through the electric field from causing fire.
                4、 Cleaning prompt design, which is convenient for later customers to clean the equipment of lampblack purifier within the prescribed cycle time, so that the service life of the lampblack purifier is longer and the cost is reduced.
                All kinds of large industrial enterprises, schools, institutions, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, stalls, barbecues and other places, cooking fume purification has been very common, all kinds of barbecue, bread, hot pot, stir-fry, seafood and other gourmet production process of cooking fume, taste, have been purified by cooking fume machine, greatly improve the people's diet environment, protect the surrounding residents living environment. GGY series lampblack purifier is a two-stage electrostatic adsorption type, which can trap lampblack particles of different diameters with high purification efficiency and high purification efficiency of 98%.
                5、 The power supply shall be equipped with over-current and over-voltage automatic protection devices to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
                6、 Each internal unit adopts a separate drawer type structure, which is easy to install and clean. Small size, light weight, small footprint.
                7、 Electric field plates shall be made of corrosion -resistant materials and light and high-quality aviation aluminum plates.